New Jersey Transit

Two Weeks in NJ – Week 1 1

The last couple weeks of September brought me back to northern New Jersey for work again, and of course I managed to get out and shoot a bit.  I visited some of my usual haunts – both in daylight and under cover of darkness, as well as added a couple of others spots – including […]

2012 Photo Recap – July to September

And here we are, continuing on with the third of five installments recapping my favorite photos from 2012.  My picks for the third quarter of the year include only one from my home state of Connecticut.  The rest were taken in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania – and two involved heritage units.  I guess I gave […]

NJ and PA – March 20-22, 2012 2

I had to make another trip down to NJ last week for work – of course the cameras came along.  Granted, it was a shorter trip – only three days as opposed to the usual full week, so time to get out and shoot was limited, but I did manage to shoot a little.  And […]

New Jersey June – Part III

And the final installment from my June trip to Joysey.  This is another morning/evening look that happened on June 16th, but was at two of what I consider to be the “low hanging fruit” locations – Manville and Bound Brook, NJ.  But since it was a Thursday, there was a group of other railfans at […]

New Jersey June – Part I

Last month I had to make another trek to the Garden State for work, and unlike the past couple trips, I actually got to get out and shoot a bit.  Not as much as usual, but I did manage to make it trackside a few days.  Even made it over into Pennsylvania one evening for a little […]

Last month – A week in NJ 3

Last month I had to make a trip down to New Jersey for work again.  And as I mentioned in my last post about an evening in Rensselaer, I’ve finally gotten around to posting the shots.  So instead of doing each day as a single post, I’m going to lump them all together into one […]

An evening in Bound Brook

Back on February the 8th I had to go down to New Jersey for the day (training class at work).  So to avoid traffic, I hung around the area for a bit and headed north around 5:30ish, avoiding much of the traffic in the northern Garden State.  Since I only had a limited amount of […]


The only other time I got to get out and shoot in New Jersey was on the 17th.  I managed to get a few shots in at Bound Brook before heading to the office, then after work I ventured out to Macungie, PA to shoot some night action.  As things turned out, there wasn’t all […]

Last Tuesday in NJ – 33K & MA-1

Most of last week I was in New Jersey again, and with the limited daylight this time of year provides, most of my shooting was either at dusk or in the dead of the night.  My first shots were on a cloudy Tuesday evening just before I checked into the hotel when I stopped in […]

A railfan evening in Bound Brook 2

This one is from back on September 2nd – yep, still catching up on stuff.  Over my past trips down to New Jersey, I’ve met a few local railfans down there, and every Thursday a group gets together to watch & photograph trains at Bound Brook station.  I figured that a little railfanning with a […]