New Jersey Transit

First day of September – dawn and dusk

With the days progressively getting shorter, time to shoot outside of work hours is getting limited.  But that doesn’t mean I put the cameras down and not shoot.  Just means I have to work with the cards I’ve been dealt.  So while I was on my trip to New Jersey, I headed out to shoot […]

Garden State Stuff

A couple weeks back I had to take a last minute trip down to New Jersey for work, and as usual I went out for a bit of shooting in the down time.  But with the earlier sunsets, and later workdays, I only had a little bit of time to shoot.  So instead of doing […]

Rainy Wednesday Afternoon at Bound Brook

After I finished up at work on Wednesday, which was a little later than usual, I decided to head to Bound Brook station again, as I did earlier in the day.  The main reason was that it was raining, and the station there affords some shelter from the weather, while still giving nice views of […]

A few Wednesday morning minutes in Bound Brook

The weather forecasters were calling for increasing clouds yesterday, giving way to rain.  When I got up Wednesday morning, I was greeted by some pretty sunshine, and not many clouds.  So I figured I’d take advantage of the nice morning light, and shoot a little before heading into the office.  I set my sights on […]

A busy evening at Bound Brook station 3

Down here in NJ again this week, and after I got out of the office yesterday, I headed down to Bound Brook station for a little shooting.  I figured it would be a nice and easy evening of shooting and enjoying the passing trains.  I really didn’t feel like driving anywhere, so the spot that’s […]

Trip wrap up – NJ and PA photos

Last week I was down in New Jersey again for work, and as has been my usual practice, the cameras and Lumedyne have come along for the ride.  Instead of doing a post for each time I went out to shoot, I’m just going to roll everything up into one post…easier that way.

CSX, Norfolk Southern, Conrail, NJ Transit and New Hope & Ivyland 2

My last evening in the Garden State (Wednesday 10/7/09) was quite eventful – it started out at the NJ Transit Bound Brook station where I was able to catch NS, CSX, Conrail & NJ Transit action, then moved down to the New Hope & Ivyland at night, and concluded with a quick night shot of […]

3 freights and some NJT 2

After work today, I headed down to Bound Brook station again to take advantage of the sunshine before the clouds fully moved in.  In that time I was able to catch one Norfolk Southern, two CSX and a handful of NJ Transit runs.  Oh, yeah, throw the Met-Life blimp in the mix too…

P&W in New Jersey?

Well, I’m down in New Jersey again for work, and like usual the cameras came along for the ride.  Yesterday, I was able to get out after checking into the hotel and catch some action.  But I never would have thought I’d catch the Providence & Worcester down here in north-central New Jersey.  But I […]