A few new angles for Amtrak and the NECR

Part two of my catchup posts involves some new angles I scouted out on Friday – one was in the morning on the New England Central, and two were in the afternoon on Amtrak’s Shore Line – one in Niantic, and one in Old Lyme.

Last week in pictures – NECR, PW, Amtrak & FEC day and night 5

So I managed to get out a few times last week – including one night jaunt shooting both the Providence & Worcester and New England Central (both sporting “foreign” power).  Other stuff from the week was the P&W and NECR in daylight – including an ethanol move, along with a couple Shore Line Amtrak runs.

Sick day = Disaster on the Coastliner 6

Today I’m home sick (since Friday – yech), but I’m actually awake for the most part today.  So while flipping through the channels, I came across a movie that sounded like it had something to do with railroading – Disaster on the Coastliner (IMDB info here).  Curious, I left it on there and watched for […]

Why I Shoot the Mundane – OR – ETTS happens

I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning in the office here at home, and in the process I came across a stack of slides I needed to file back into the binders.  Well, while doing that, I came across one slide that caught my eye – it was taken back in 2003 in Niantic, […]

Wednesday Morning Clouds and Afternoon Sun

Busy evening last night and busy day today, so this is a little catch up from yesterday’s shooting.  I was able to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 under some different weather conditions.  And throw into the mix Amtrak train 171 at the start of things.  Oh, yeah, and like Mark Twain once said – […]

Melancholy Monday 4

Today was a dreary, foggy, drizzly Monday, and one that I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to head out.  Well, some things this morning happened sooner than I th0ught, and some other things happened later, making the cosmic convergence possible.  OK, not cosmic, but, well, you get my drift – things fell into place. […]

Old and (somewhat) new with NR2 – along with NERWNE and 171 4

Another sunny day today that I was able to take advantage of (tomorrow’s another story – got morning meetings).  So keeping with my near avoidance of the Providence & Worcester’s Norwich Branch, I only got a couple shots of them in Fairview Yard, then headed over to Niantic to get some shots over there.  But […]

NR-2 along the River and the Bay 7

Had a bit of a frustrating day at work yesterday.  So I decided I needed to get out and go on a nice walk somewhere to relax a bit this morning.  And while I was contemplating where to go at my desk, I got my answer over the scanner.  Well, at least it was the […]

NECR, P&W and an Amtrak with a McCafe 2

With the pretty much fiasco of last Thursday night on my mind, I really wanted to “redeem myself” and get some decent shots without destroying any more of my gear.  So on Friday I headed out to try and catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2.  Figured that was pretty safe – and as it turned […]