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Two trains in one shot

Managed to find a little time for a walk this morning, so I decided to head up to Poquetanuck Cove again on the Preston/Ledyard line and get a mile of walking in.  It was a little breezy, but not as windy as it was last week (here’s that post), so I could actually feel my […]

Lunch with NR2 and NR3

Last Monday I had to head out for lunch, and as things worked out I managed to catch a couple Providence & Worcester trains.  Not that the first was really planned out, but the second was caught completely by chance.


Chasing NR3

On the last day of June, I took the day off to fix my car (emissions system was throwing a code, and the inspection was due).  Once I fixed it, and had it tested for emissions (it passed), I decided to see if I could find any trains in the area to shoot.  It was […]

Might be time to build an ark

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to…well, I guess you could drink this if you really had to (apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge).  If you’re anywhere along the eastern US coast, you’ve been subjected to days and days of rain.  Well, all that rain, along with melting snow up north, is causing us some […]

An old bridge, NECR and P&W

I managed to make a little time this morning to get out and try to photograph a little bit along the Thames River.  But it was later than usual, so I wasn’t sure what, if anything I’d catch.  I was encouraged by the fact that on my way into work I heard a Providence & […]

4 Trains in 90 Minutes

This past Monday I had to take the day off for a midday doctor’s appointment.  So I had a few hours to kill in the morning – why sleep when you can be out taking pictures!  My intentions were to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 somewhere between Plainfield and Groton, then head to the […]

Thursday morning mixup

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather on Thursday I headed out for a walk.  I figured for something different I’d head to Stoddard Hill and try and catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 heading south.  Well, for once I didn’t catch NR-2, but I did catch a couple other things…


NR-3 and a new angle at Stoddard

Took advantage of the sunshine this morning, hoping to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 on my walk.  This time I decided to mix things up a bit, and head a little further north to Stoddard Hill Park on the north side of Ledyard.  Well, things didn’t go as planned, but they did end up […]

P&W NR-3 way south

Going back in time a bit.  Last Thursday my schedule prevented me from getting out at my usual time to shoot Providence & Worcester train NR-2 on their way south.  But that was a good thing in a way.


Oct 23rd Part I – Chasing the P&W with Nick

Finally getting through the backlog, and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  A couple weeks ago I took Thursday the 23rd off from work for a couple reasons.  First, my oldest daughter had a half day from school, and the youngest one had a doctor’s appointment.  Since my wife hasn’t […]