Southbound Switcher

Oh how easy it is to fall behind on things.  Like usual, I’m a bit behind on my postings here, so here’s one from a week and a half ago – July 5th.  I had Monday off since it was a company holiday, so I took a little time in the morning to do a […]

Quick stop in Palmer – NECR, Amtrak, CSX & FEC

July 2nd was a work holiday for us, starting out a four day weekend.  I had some things to do in the morning, but with that stuff done, I headed out for a bit to shoot, taking advantage of the nice weather.  Initially I had set my sights on shooting NECR train NERWNE somewhere between […]

NECR northbound 3

Like usual, I’m a bit behind on postings.  So I’ll take advantage of a little time over lunch to bang out the two posts waiting in the queue.  First up is a quick chase of New England Central train NERWPA (the Willimantic to Palmer turn) between Eagleville, CT and Monson, MA.  In addition to that […]

Good Morning America Whistle Stop Tour 2008 – West Warren to Chester, MA 1

As most of you know, ABC’s Good Morning America had put together, along with Amtrak, a special Whistle Stop Tour 2008 as a part of this year’s presidential election season.  The train made its first “live” move (“live” is in quotes because they were taping segments for airing in today’s live broadcast on the Housatonic […]

Happy Birthday to Me – P&W, NECR & FEC 5

Today was my 39th birthday.  So to celebrate, I took the day off from work.  For the first part of the day I chased Providence & Worcester train NR-2 from Lisbon to Groton, CT.  Then I went home for a while.  Then I decided to head out again, this time with my wife & youngest […]

NECR 608, CSX & a pair of Amtraks – 3/3/07

Well, we decided to pile the kids in the car and go for a drive since it was a nice day. As luck would have it, we found ourselves heading northbound on Route 32 heading for the CT/MA line – right where we’d find New England Central trains 608 and 610 doing their car swap.