NJ and PA – March 20-22, 2012 2

I had to make another trip down to NJ last week for work – of course the cameras came along.  Granted, it was a shorter trip – only three days as opposed to the usual full week, so time to get out and shoot was limited, but I did manage to shoot a little.  And […]

Lightning, the CP and a blast furnace in the rain

My final outing on my New Jersey business trip (part one – part two) brought me once again into the Keystone State.  But this time things didn’t go as smoothly, train wise.  But overall, I think it worked out rather well, despite not catching a single train moving in my 3 or so hours in […]

Garden and Keystone on the 13th of September

On the second day of my New Jersey work trip, I got out a couple times to shoot – first at sunrise, and then after sunset.  The shots at sunrise were in the Garden State, and the ones in the dark were 60 some odd miles to the west in the Keystone State – both […]

New Jersey June – Part II

And on to part 2 of three of my last business trip to New Jersey.  For this one, the shots were taken on one day – some in the morning before work, and some in the evening after work.  And for this one, I covered both the Garden and Keystone States, getting Norfolk Southern action […]

Spring TRAINing Part II – Uncercover of the Night

And now for part II of my Railfan & Railroad’s Spring TRAINing review – the night photo session (part I, covering the daytime stuff, is here if you’re curious).  As most of you may know, I’ve done quite a bit of shooting at night, both individually and as a part of a group.  But this […]

Spring TRAINing Part I – In the Daylight 2

On April 30, 2011 Railfan & Railroad magazine held their first annual Spring TRAINing event at Steamtown in Scranton, PA.  The event was two parts – the first was a series of multimedia slideshows during the day, and the second was a night photo shoot using some of Steamtown’s equipment.  Since the event was in […]


The only other time I got to get out and shoot in New Jersey was on the 17th.  I managed to get a few shots in at Bound Brook before heading to the office, then after work I ventured out to Macungie, PA to shoot some night action.  As things turned out, there wasn’t all […]

Catfish and Corn

After my conference in Collegeville, PA on Tuesday, I made my way back to Bridgewater, NJ on a route, like the way down, that brought me past some railroading sights.  This time, instead of a couple stops, I figured only one would be able to take advantage of the remaining light of the day.  That […]

Monday Night – West Chester Railroad 2

With some time to kill Monday night down in Collegeville, I did a bit of research on what was in the area railroad-wise.  I found an excursion line – the West Chester Railroad – about 30 minutes from the hotel.  I figured it was worth a ride down there to at least check it out […]