Two Weeks in NJ – Week 2

My second week in NJ had me trying some new lighting techniques, as well as meeting up with friends again – For a recap, here’s the post from the first week.  And being near Norfolk Southern terratory, there is always the possibility of catching another of their Heritage Units.  Would I get that chance to […]

Lehigh Line Tuesday

I was going to get up early on Tuesday morning and head out before work.  But I slept through my alarm, so that plan was out the window.  Instead I decided to head west to Phillipsburg, NJ after I was done at work.  Hopefully the 40 minute drive west would pay off and I’d catch […]

NJ Day 4 – NS in Phillipsburg, NJ and Bethlehem, PA 1

Yesterday was another less than stellar weather day.  But like usual, that doesn’t stop me from going out to shoot when I can.  After work I decided to head west to a new spot for me – Phillipsburg, NJ, which is home to the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians‘ museum near the former CNJ PU Tower.  From […]