The Single Digit Stroll

The start of January 2013 brought some cold temperatures to Connecticut, and it also brought some vacation time to me.  On the third day of the new year – a day that started out with the mercury diving to about 5°F – I decided to head out for some train shooting.  And me being the glutton for punishment, I figured my first shot should involve a good 10 minute walk along the Thames River.  What the hell, I was on vacation…

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A hike in the wind

What I’d do for my photography.  On Tuesday I had a small hole in the schedule, so I decided to head out for a nice, nearly mile-long hike along the Thames River to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2.  That was all fine and good, but I neglected to remember that we were coming off of a night that had temperatures dipping down into the low twenties, and a morning with a stiff northerly wind.  But undaunted by the elements – or apparent lack of preparation in my clothing choices – I made my hike and got my photos.  And, yes, I’m trying to get back into the swing of regular postings.  Hopefully the dry-spell is over and you’ll see stuff here on a more regular basis.  Well, at least less than sporadic…heh…

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Hiking along the Thames

Last week I had a chance to not only get out and shoot for a bit, but I also worked a nice 1.5 mile hike in as well.  The only downside to that is I only got to shoot from one location.  But that’s OK – I think things worked out just fine at that one location.

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11 days into 2010 – my first shots back home

We got back home from Florida early last week, but because of things around the house, I didn’t get out to shoot at all.  This morning, though, I finally got a chance to head out, and bagged Providence & Worcester train NR-2 at a couple spots.  I also got some dredging along the Thames River channel on my way north to catch the P&W.

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Sunny Tuesday Morning NR-2

Another sunny, but cold morning today.  Not quite as windy as it had been, but still pretty cold.  And there’s still plenty of the white stuff on the ground to make things look all nice and pretty.  So I had to get out this morning and see if I could get some shots in.  Well, since I usually don’t post about my failure days, and the fact that there’s a picture to the right with a train in it, you can pretty much bet that I caught something out and about in southeastern Connecticut.

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Friday the 13th P&W

Back home today, from my 2 day trip down to New Jersey for work.  This morning I was able to get out for a nice walk.  I decided to mix things up and go a bit further north to the Stoddard Cove area, and hopefully catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 heading south along the Thames River.  Well, as things worked out, I managed to get a nice walk in, along with a few pictures of NR-2 skirting the Thames under some brisk winds.

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NECR 610, and a combined P&W NR-2/NR-3 in the SUN! 4/20/07

Finally, some sun! The gloom of the past week or so has lifed, giving us a nice bright cloudless morning. So I took advantage of it, and took my walk in the Stoddard Hill area of Ledyard, and opted for a shot of Providence & Worcester train NR-2 coming south across Poquetanuck Cove in the bright morning sunlight. But as I got to my predetermined spot along the Thames River, the scanner came alive on the New England Central Railroad frequency. Train #610 was looking for permission to work between MP12 and New London yard. That meant the NECR job would be passing right by me across the river. Cool, two trains! Well, make that three trains – aparently NR-2 and NR-3 both combined for the trip south out of Plainfield this morning. Not a bad way to wrap up the week – and I got a nice long hike in the woods out of it.

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The incredible shrinking P&W NR-2

The timing was on today aparently because I was able to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 twice – once in the morning and once over lunch – with only a few moment’s notice. This morning was on the Ledyard/Preston town line at Poquetanuck Cove, and this afternoon was at the beloved Mill Cove in Ledyard. And the contrast between the size of each leg of the run was quite noticable. No, one run wasn’t light engines, but it was close… Continue Reading →

P&W NR-2 in Ledyard, CT and the reason why P&W is running to Willimantic

I couldn’t pass up a beautiful morning, so I ducked out for a few minutes to try to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2. This time I headed a bit further north to the overlook on Poquetanuck Cove on the Ledyard/Preston town line. Not a bad view, and some sweet sunshine could make for some decent images. Continue Reading →