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Two Weeks in NJ – Week 1 1

The last couple weeks of September brought me back to northern New Jersey for work again, and of course I managed to get out and shoot a bit.  I visited some of my usual haunts – both in daylight and under cover of darkness, as well as added a couple of others spots – including […]

Garden and Keystone on the 13th of September

On the second day of my New Jersey work trip, I got out a couple times to shoot – first at sunrise, and then after sunset.  The shots at sunrise were in the Garden State, and the ones in the dark were 60 some odd miles to the west in the Keystone State – both […]

Catfish and Corn

After my conference in Collegeville, PA on Tuesday, I made my way back to Bridgewater, NJ on a route, like the way down, that brought me past some railroading sights.  This time, instead of a couple stops, I figured only one would be able to take advantage of the remaining light of the day.  That […]