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2011 Calendar – Steel Wheels & Submarines

It’s that time of year again – the 2011 calendar is ready!  This year’s calendar is titled “Steel Wheels and Submarines” and features 13 of my all color photos photos taken along the Thames River in southeastern Connecticut of the NECR, P&W, Amtrak and FEC (yes, I said FEC). I’m putting it out a bit earlier than I did […]


Continuing with the catching up theme – here’s one from July 7th.  Managed to get out for a quick run up to Gales Ferry, catching Providence & Worcester train NR-2.  On the second stop, I also managed to catch a quick shot of New England Central train NERWNE heading north.

Thursday’s Moonshine Move 2

More catching up – here’s a look at the continuation of the ethanol extra on the Providence & Worcester side of the river Thursday morning (here’s the post about the southbound trip on the NECR).  Yep, the moonshine is moving about…

NR-2X – the Ethanol move

With the recent derailment in Willimantic of the last run of ethanol (see here and here), the next loaded train took a little bit of a longer route to its destination in Providence, RI.  This time instead of heading from Willimantic to Plainfield over the Providence & Worcester’s Willimantic Branch, it headed straight down the […]

Who cares if it’s raining?

I sure don’t.  The railroads run 24/7 in any weather – so why should they only be documented on sunny days?  And with today’s deluge, I figured it was a good opportunity to show a little railroading in the crappy, dreary weather, while getting out for a bit.

Wednesday Morning Clouds and Afternoon Sun

Busy evening last night and busy day today, so this is a little catch up from yesterday’s shooting.  I was able to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 under some different weather conditions.  And throw into the mix Amtrak train 171 at the start of things.  Oh, yeah, and like Mark Twain once said – […]

Some P&W and Amtrak from last week 2

As seems to be the recent norm for me, I’m running a bit behind on my postings.  I did manage to get out a few times last week, and caught some Providence & Worcester and Amtrak action along the Thames River.  So we’ll keep this brief and just let you enjoy the photos.

NR-2 in 2 spots and the NECR in the background

I figured today would be a good one to take advantage of the blue skies and sunshine before the weather hit the shitter for the rest of the week.  So I did my usual, and headed up to Erickson Park in Ledyard in hopes of catching Providence & Worcester train NR-2 while getting my walk […]

Along the Thames – The Hartford and NR-2 2

Finally, some summer-like weather is upon us, including bright blue sunny skies.  This morning I was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather conditions on two different occasions – one on my way into work, and the other a bit later on.  And The Hartford I’m talking about isn’t the capitol of Connecticut, or […]