Red Top

NR-2 at 4 spots

So this morning I had a bit of time in my schedule to head out and take advantage of the nice weather and go for a walk.  I decided on trying to get up to a spot a bit north and hopefully catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 along the way.  Well, I did catch […]

NR-2 in the Rain 2

Last Friday I had taken the day off, and had to head down to the shoreline to take care of something in the morning.  As things worked out I ran into Providence & Worcester train NR-2 on the way down, but somewhat unfortunatley, it was in the pouring rain.  Well, not really unfortunatley – the […]

P&W NR-2 at Red Top

Didn’t have much time for a walk today, because I had to head over to New London to ship out the Sigma 2x teleconverter I’m returning (not happy with the performance of it with my shooting style – see this post for more info). But I did end up catching Providence & Worcester train NR-2 […]

P&W NR-2 in and out of the sun

Well, the weather geeks got it wrong again today – at least partially. When I left the house this morning, they said it would be nice for most of the day, then cloud up later in the day. That would work for me – I’ll take my walk and grab some shots of Providence & […]

P&W train NR-2 and a mom – 5/11/07

Another cloudy and foggy start to the day today. And again, the bulk of the fog stayed to the south of the Thames River, and didn’t come into play when I took my walk near Red Top in Ledyard, CT on the Providence & Worcester’s Norwich Branch. But I did stumble on something, that ended […]

Misty morning P&W NR-2 2

Well, this morning was a pretty stark contrast to yesterday’s blue skies and warm temperatures – a rather chilly start to the day, on and off showers, and a misty drizzle hanging in the air. But that didn’t keep me from my walk! With the weather the way it was, I figured my best bet […]

NECR 610 and P&W NR-2

For today’s walk, I decided to stay a bit further south, and hit Red Top at about MP4 on the Providence & Worcester’s Norwich Branch. As it turns out, this was a pretty good decision – I not only was able to catch P&W train NR-2 heading south with quite a long train, but also […]

Friday the 13th – 610-Hyrail-NR2-610

Well, Friday the 13th turned out to be a fairly lucky day, in the realm of trains around these parts, that is. I was able to catch New England Central train #610 in Franklin, CT on my way into work, a Providence & Worcester hyrail in Ledyard on an inspection of the Norwich Branch, P&W […]

Go west Amtrak – Head north P&W 1

Busy, busy morning around here, so I couldn’t get out to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 at my usual spot & time this AM. But I did have a little time after lunch where I could duck out and hope for something. What I got was a nice two-fer in the form of an […]