P&W Willimantic Extra

On Friday March 30th, the Providence & Worcester Railroad ran an extra from Worcester, MA to Willimantic, CT to handle the interchange traffic to and from the New England Central Railroad.  It turned out to be a very nice day, weather-wise, and with summer hours upon us here at work, I decided to take advantage of the open afternoon and chase the train between Plainfield, CT and Willimantic, making many stops along the way – some familiar, and some more experimental.  Overall, I think they all worked rather well.

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Plow on the P&W

On February 10th the Providence & Worcester Railroad ran something rather unique through Connecticut and Massachusetts – a snow plow.  The P&W leased a Russel plow from the Green Mountain Railroad in Vermont to clear some of the snowfall that had plagued southern New England this winter.  And I used a vacation day from work to chase the train along two of the P&W’s lines, covering about 60 miles of the railroad. Continue Reading →

Labor Day NR4X

Still getting through the backlog of stuff.  Now we’re up to last Monday – Labor Day – where we did a couple family chases.  Both were quite spur of the moment, but both were not successful.  On the other hand, without the failure, the successful one probably would not have happened.

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P&W Saturday extra to Willimantic – 4/21/07

On Friday, I got the go-ahead from my wife to break away and go out on the first day of fishing season. But I wasn’t going fishing, instead I would be shooting photos of trains for a few hours on Saturday morning. Initially I decided to head up to CSX territory on Washington Hill around Chester, MA to photograph the typical Saturday parade of eastbound trains down the eastern slope of the Berkshires in the early morning sunlight. Until I got word that the Providence & Worcester Railroad would be running an extra from Plainfield to Willimantic, CT. Just like always, plans change at the drop of a hat. So I got up at the same time I had planned, and headed out to Plainfield, aiming to be at the P&W diamond at 7am – the time the crew was to report to start their day. Continue Reading →

Providence & Worcester train MFS-5 – The first revenue train to Willimantic in over 20 years

P&W train MFS-5 passes over Merrit Brook, as fellow photog Bob LaMay watches

Well, I took the day off from work yesterday (March 5, 2007) to photograph the historic first revenue run over the formerly dormant Providence & Worcester Willimantic Branch between Versailles and Willimantic, CT. Fellow rail photographer Bob LaMay joined me for the chase from Plainfield to Willimantic, and back to Versailles, where we called it a day. The only casualty for the day, other than a few sore muscles, was the Shetucket River ate one of my lens caps. I guess it could have been worse… Continue Reading →