My Top 12 of ’13

 Valley Railroad veteran Mikado No 40 heads north through Chester, Connecticut with a trainload of passengers visiting with Santa and his elves on the wildly popular North Pole Express.First off, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.  Hopefully everyone had a safe and joyous Christmas and holiday season.  And to kick off the new year, I figured I’d pull together a recap of my 2013 photographic ramblings along the rails of the northeast – well, one favorite from each month, that is.  Last year wasn’t exactly a stellar year for shooting, quantitatively speaking – only managing to get out a few times a month over the entire year, but I did get some decent stuff in those limited times trackside – including shots of CSX, Norfolk Southern, Providence & Worcester, PanAm Railways and the Valley Railroad.  I went through and picked out my favorite shot from each month of the year, and I figured I’d talk a bit about each one here.  So grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy what you’re reading and seeing!

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Way back in July – P&W NR-2 and Amtrak

Between family commitments, a bout with a flu-like bug (putting me in bed for 4 days), and Hurricane Irene’s power outage (6 days for us), I’ve once again fallen a bit behind on the old Blog here.  But never fear, it’s time to catch up on the posts.  Granted, I haven’t had a chance to shoot all that much lately, but here’s the first installment of the backlog – from back on July 20th.

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Two trains of empty cans

PW NR2Way back on June 8th I was able to get out and shoot a bit in the morning.  I intented to duck out and shoot Providence & Worcester train NR-2 along the Thames River.  But as things worked out, I ended up catching two P&W jobs in the Groton/New London area – both carrying empty ethanol tanks back to the New England Central Railroad.  A nice change of pace.

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Another angle bites the dust

On the 17th of May I was able to get out for a few minutes to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 over lunch.  It was a quick trip out, and I was only able to catch them at a couple spots.  But while out, I noticed one of my favorite angles will soon be no longer available due to some Amtrak fence construction.  Just like Groton tower, where a chain link fence was erected along the south side of the tracks, the area to the north of the Shaw’s Cove swing bridge is following suit.

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Cinco de Mayo – NR2 and a tamper

Getting closer to being caught up – this post has shots from Cinco de Mayo, where I managed to get out for a brief amount of time and shoot Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in New London.  Nothing spectacular, but I did get a shot of an Amtrak tamper sitting on the sidelines.

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Start of December Stuff

Next up is a chunk of photos from the first half of December, which include Amtrak, Providence & Worcester, ethanol, a Sperry Rail Car, a couple C-130s and a pair of fast attack submarines – a Virginia and Los Angeles class.  Nice variety for the first half of the month.  And like the previous post, this isn’t everything I shot during that time frame.  The stuff that’s missing from both the end of November and all of December (here’s a couple hints – steam and night) will all be lumped into one post, since it’s kind of a progression of shots, showing the evolution of my technique.  Enough of that – here’s the goods for the start of December.

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Morning & Evening along the Thames

On the 12th of November, I only planned on heading out one time to shoot – to catch a Providence & Worcester NR-2X carrying 80 empty ethanol cars.  But I really couldn’t pass up the second time – it was something that begged to have a photo taken of it.

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An experiment at Shaw’s

This past Monday evening the Providence & Worcester Railroad ran an empty ethanol extra, symboled K667, down to New London.  As the timing worked out, I was able to get a quick shot of them shoving back into the New England Central yard.  But I did this one a little differently because of the time of day this happened – more as an experiment to see what happened.  Overall, I think it came out OK – not ideal, but not something I’d hit the delete key on.

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2011 Calendar – Steel Wheels & Submarines

It’s that time of year again – the 2011 calendar is ready!  This year’s calendar is titled “Steel Wheels and Submarines” and features 13 of my all color photos photos taken along the Thames River in southeastern Connecticut of the NECR, P&W, Amtrak and FEC (yes, I said FEC). I’m putting it out a bit earlier than I did last year, and giving you guys a chance to save a little money. If you purchase it before November 1st, you’ll get 10% off the regular price! Here’s a preview of the entire calendar. Purchase link should be part of the preview, and just in case you can’t see the preview, there’s a link below that which should bring you to the page over on (the publishing site).


Amtrak and Ethanol at Shaw’s Cove

Back on the first of October I took off a little early from work – it was a Friday, and I was pretty caught up at work.  The question was whether I should head home, or maybe head out for some pictures despite the crappy weather (heavy rain during the day, and the possibility of more to come).  Well, when I got in the car and fired up the scanner I got my answer – stick around.

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