Shore Line East

2015 – A year that couldn’t end fast enough

Two Thousand and Fifteen started out like most any other year for me – a busy schedule for the family/kids, a chock-full year at work, and lots of stuff in the ‘photo idea’ bin, coupled with some time to possibly take care of at least a few of those goals.  Then February hit, and my world […]

NAN and the Super Moon

For today’s post, we’ll go back to the end of June when we as earthlings bore witness to the closest “super moon” of 2013 – or in more scientific terms the moon was at the perigee (closest to Earth) of its orbit while in the full phase.  Honestly, it’s nothing truly rare, despite the Internet […]

Magazine Articles, Slide Scans and the Train Show

Busy times lately – both at work and at home.  But I figured it was time for a quick blog post to stir things up a bit and let you all know where things are.  First off, you’ll see my work – both photos and writing – in a couple magazines’ March 2012 issues, one […]

Lunch at Saybrook

Back on May 18th, I met up with a few other fans at the Old Saybrook Amtrak station over lunch for a little shooting & conversation.  Despite the cloudy weather (which never really bothered me), it was a good lunch hour of shooting from the station platforms.  And of course, it was nice catching up […]

Lunchtime in New Haven, Branford, Guilford and Niantic 5

I had taken Columbus Day off from work (we don’t get that as a holiday), and had planned on getting some things done around the house.  But the night before we had the neighbors over for a little bonfire and one of the conversations we had changed my plans completely.

An evening stop in New London

On Friday the 20th of August, I took a little time to try and fill in a couple holes for my slideshow coming up in October (info is here if you’re curious).  Of course, things didn’t work out as planned – the one thing I was missing never showed up…just my luck.  But I did […]

Late day Amtrak & Shore Line East

Well, I was in an all-day meeting/workshop today, so I had to forego my walk alltogether. Oh, well, I guess I can miss one day here & there. I’ve got an active weekend planned, so I’m sure I’ll make up for it. But after work, I figured I’d head to Old Saybrook to retrieve my […]

Lunch with CDOT, P&W and Amtrak in Old Saybrook 1

Well, due to other commitments, I couldn’t make it out for my normal AM walk today. So I figured some stairs may be in order instead, so I opted to eat my lunch on the road, and head to the Old Saybrook Amtrak station for lunch. I was hoping to get lucky and catch at […]