Moving Snow

With the recent significant snowfalls that have blanketed the Nutmeg State in the early parts of 2015, railroads have had to run extra trains to clear their lines of snow.  Normally tourist lines would not need to do this since they’re typically spring/summer/fall operations.  But the Valley Railroad in Essex, Connecticut is a bit different […]

Plow on the P&W 6

On February 10th the Providence & Worcester Railroad ran something rather unique through Connecticut and Massachusetts – a snow plow.  The P&W leased a Russel plow from the Green Mountain Railroad in Vermont to clear some of the snowfall that had plagued southern New England this winter.  And I used a vacation day from work […]

January 2011 Recap

Holy crap does time fly when you’re doing nothing but shoveling snow.  Yep, we’ve been inundated with snow the past month or so here in the Northeast, and I have next to no photos to show for it!  But I did manage to get out a few times to shoot.  So instead of doing each one individually, […]

Behind once again, but you can vote! 2

Yep, once again I’m running a bit behind on blog posts.  But trust me, I’ve been out there shooting, so you’re in for a flood of photos pretty soon – including plenty of Valley Railroad North Pole Express trains in the dark, a trip out to Thomaston, CT to ride the Railroad Museum of New […]

P&W in the snow 2

Well, all that rain we’ve been getting lately finally turned into some snow overnight and this morning.  Granted it wasn’t sticking to the pavement all that much – but that was a good thing.  It meant the ground would be somewhat white, and I could safely get there with my front wheel drive Hyundai.

The day after the storm that wasn’t

The day after the non-Storm of the Century on the 10th, we had a few inches of snow on the ground.  But the sun was out, so I figured it would be worthwhile to head trackside for a few minutes and catch Providence & Worcester NR2 somewhere along the Thames River.

The Blizzard that Wasn’t 2

Last week the weather geeks were calling for a foot of wind-driven snow here in Connecticut.  Nothing but doom & gloom from the boob-tube – I even got an email from Stop-n-Shop (grocery store for those who are not familiar with the chain) making sure to remind me to go out and get bread and […]

3/3 – After the storm – NECR and P&W

OK, last one to catch up on!  This was after the snowstorm – which lasted from Sunday night until Monday night (don’t ask about pictures during the storm – that was a fiasco!).  And the sun was shining bright on Tuesday, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to catch the Providence & Worcester speeding […]

3/1 – NECR at Night

More catching up.  Back on March 1st, we had a nice little snowstorm that dumped about 10″ of the white stuff on us.  As it was kicking off on Sunday night, I headed out to see how shooting in the snow with the Lumedyne would work out.  My target was the idling New England Central […]

P&W blowing snow

Ahhh, the last one and I’m caught up.  This one is from last week, when I got out after a fresh snowfall.  I decided to mix things up a bit, and not only shoot at a spot where I haven’t been in a while, but also shoot from the “wrong” side of the tracks.  It’ll […]