P&W and Amtrak in the snow 1

OK, finally uploaded a few days worth of stuff from the past few weeks.  Here we’re going back to January 28th and one of our many snowstorms (yay!).  I was able to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2, an eastbound Amtrak Acela, and an Amtrak Northeast Regional.  The P&W was in Groton and New London, […]

Something happened on the way home from the show 6

After the first night of the Amherst Railway Society’s annual Train Show at the Big E in West Springfield, MA, I attended a gathering of friends and fellow rail photographers where we share some of our work over beers & pizza.  After that was done, and it was time to head home, I decided to […]

The last days of 2008

OK, now that we’re squarely into 2009, I’ve got a couple sets of pictures from the last two days of 2008 to post.  Both days I caught 3 trains – Providence & Worcester train NR-2 and a pair of Amtrak Acelas – trains 2155 and 2190, all in the Groton/New London area.  Oh, yeah, on […]

A snow covered NR-2

OK, going back to the start of the week – before we had to bring my daughter to the hospital.  I was able to get out and catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 after the previous weekend’s snowfall.  It sure was a cold morning, and I really didn’t look forward to standing out in the […]

NR-2 and an Acela meet over the Thames 2

With the new job, my time has been much more limited than it has been in the past, so I don’t get out to shoot as much.  But that also has a benefit – when I get behind in my postings, I don’t have that big of a backlog!  Here’s some stuff from December 8th […]

3/16/07 Noreaster part II – the NECR in Franklin 3

Well, because of the crappy weather today, I was able to leave work early and head home. Down in Groton, the snow was starting to change to sleet, and I really didn’t want to hang around to watch it change to freezing rain. So I got out around 1pm and made my way home. Of […]

P&W NR-2 in the Noreaster – 3/16/07 1

With the March nor’easter bearing down on us, I made sure I got out to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 running through the falling snow – while it lasted. The forecasters were saying it would be changing to sleet/freezing rain sometime later today, so the morning would be the best time to grab some […]