South Windham

January 2011 Recap

Holy crap does time fly when you’re doing nothing but shoveling snow. ¬†Yep, we’ve been¬†inundated¬†with snow the past month or so here in the Northeast, and I have next to no photos to show for it! ¬†But I did manage to get out a few times to shoot. ¬†So instead of doing each one individually, […]

Labor Day NR4X

Still getting through the backlog of stuff. ¬†Now we’re up to last Monday – Labor Day – where we did a couple family chases. ¬†Both were quite spur of the moment, but both were not successful. ¬†On the other hand, without the failure, the successful one probably would not have happened.

A week’s worth – Amtrak, NECR, PW, FEC and ethanol

Continuing on the backlog here – but instead of what I would normally do and make one post for each “outing,” instead I’m putting together one massive post with a week’s full of shots in it. ¬†Basically taking care of pretty much the entire backlog in one fell swoop. ¬†In this catch-all post, you’ll see […]

The Sunday Chase – Freight, Frogs & Sand 4

I wasn’t planning on doing any chasing this weekend – we had a busy one planned. ¬†Saturday we spent the day in New York at my cousin’s graduation party, and Sunday was to be a day of working around the house – most¬†notably¬†rototilling the garden. ¬†Of course, plans usually change – and the Sunday plans […]

Re-railed derails 4

In the aftermath of the P&W derailment in South Windham last week, contractors had emptied out and rerailed the cars that came off the tracks. ¬†The three that ended up on their sides/tops, were placed on the spur track near Route 203 in South Windham. ¬†On my way up to UConn, I took a swing […]

Day and Night on the P&W and a Virginia 5

Well, I’ll be doing things a little out of order here.¬† I’ve got some shots from the last week or two that I need to process and get online, but in the meantime, I’ve got some stuff from yesterday that’s ready to go.¬† So that’s what you get to look at today…trust me, it’s worth […]

3/1 – NECR at Night

More catching up.¬† Back on March 1st, we had a nice little snowstorm that dumped about 10″ of the white stuff on us.¬† As it was kicking off on Sunday night, I headed out to see how shooting in the snow with the Lumedyne would work out.¬† My target was the idling New England Central […]

Out again with Nick at Nite

No, I’m not talking about Nickelodeon’s nighttime show lineup, but rather out shooting with fellow rail photographer Nick Palazini.¬† Nick & I are working on a joint project for a magazine, and needed to go over some images on Sunday night.¬† So after we were done, we figured we’d brave the weather (cold, windy with […]

NECR at Night 3

I had to run a couple errands tonight in Willimantic, so on my way home, I swung by the New England Central base of operations here in southeastern Connecticut РSouth Windham.  Of course, while there, I took a few pictures of a NECR train waiting for a fresh crew on Monday.

A couple days of P&W and NECR 2

Playing a bit of catch-up here.  These shots are from last week Рthe 15th and 16th, of Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in Ledyard, Groton and New London, and a tied down New England Central train NERWNE in South Windham.