Stafford Springs

The Return of Ethanol

Starting in 2010, unit trains of ethanol began traversing the Green Mountain Gateway route – a cooperation between three railroads, the Vermont Rail System, New England Central Railroad and the Providence & Worcester Railroad.  The trains were delivered by Canadian Pacific to VTR in Whiethall, New York and made their way over the three roads, […]

Willimantic to Amherst – Three trains 1

On the 19th as you probably saw here I was presenting a slideshow up at the Amherst Railway Society’s October meeting.  I decided to take the entire day off instead of rushing out of work and heading north.  So I took that opportunity to do a little work around the house, and then head out […]

Clouds and Color on the 15th 1

Fall in New England brings plenty of cloudy days along with the changing color on the trees.  On Friday the 15th I managed to get out and shoot a bit, catching an Amtrak Acela, Northeast Regional and a work extra over lunch, then a New England Central ethanol extra later in the day.

NECR Employee Fireworks Extra 3

On Saturday July 10th, there were a number of Independence Day fireworks displays planned, including New London and my hometown of Lebanon.  Since we usually go to the hometown show, New London was out for us this year.  So that would also mean I’d miss shooting the New England Central Railroad’s fireworks extra, which would […]

Southbound Switcher

Oh how easy it is to fall behind on things.  Like usual, I’m a bit behind on my postings here, so here’s one from a week and a half ago – July 5th.  I had Monday off since it was a company holiday, so I took a little time in the morning to do a […]

Midnight Moonshine Extra 6

Last Friday night the last cut of 40 ethanol cars made their way into Palmer, MA on the New England Central Railroad where a fresh crew picked them up for the trip south to New London, CT (for a look back at the previous 40 cars, click here and here).  The Providence & Worcester Railroad […]

Ethanol Extra on the NECR and P&W 4

As some of you may know a unit ethanol train ran between North Dakota and Providence, RI, carried by a various number of railroads – the last two were the New England Central and the Providence & Worcester.  Well, as the schedule worked out, the NECR and P&W sections were to take place under cover […]

Two-Fer-Tuesday on the NECR 1

On the first day of December, I had a small hole in my daytime schedule to get out for a bit.  But as sometimes happens, things don’t go as planned.  As I usually plan on doing, I was going to bag Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in Ledyard, and perhaps New England Central train NERWNE […]

NECR northbound 3

Like usual, I’m a bit behind on postings.  So I’ll take advantage of a little time over lunch to bang out the two posts waiting in the queue.  First up is a quick chase of New England Central train NERWPA (the Willimantic to Palmer turn) between Eagleville, CT and Monson, MA.  In addition to that […]