Steam Train

Valley Railroad Photo Charter – Part 3 of 3

Time for part 3 of the Lerro Productions 2012 Valley Railroad photo charter – the final installment.  Part 1 (first day with the freight consist) is here, and part 2 (night shoot) is here if you missed those posts.  The second day of the charter featured what is more familiar to the rails along the Connecticut River – […]

Valley Railroad Photo Charter – Part 2 of 3

And we continue on with the blog updates – hooray!  Here’s Part 2 of the Lerro Productions 2012 Valley Railroad Photo Charter (part 1 is here), which was the night photo session – something that you all know is near and dear to my heart.  Things were a bit different than the usual night photo […]

Valley Railroad Photo Charter – Part 1 of 3 3

Yes, it’s been a while since the last “real” photo blog post. So we’ll go back in time here to May when I attended a three part, two day photo charter on the Valley Railroad in Essex, CT (I mentioned this charter back in this post about turning VALE 3025 in Old Saybrook).  The charter […]

Slideshow – Beyond Mikado Reborn

Recently I put on a slideshow for the New England/Northeast Railroad Prototype Modeler’s Meet in Canton, CT.  The show was titled “Beyond Mikado Reborn” and featured photos that appeared in my article in the March 2012 issue of Railfan & Railroad magazine, as well as many others that didn’t make it into the article.  It’s […]

March issue of TRAINS and Railfan & Railroad magazines 2

Now that they’ve started to hit subscribers’ mailboxes, I figured a note here was in order.  I’ve got two articles appearing in the March 2012 issues of the two largest railroad magazines.  First is a short piece and a photo in TRAINS as a part of their Funky Freights feature about some of the shipments […]

Nights on the Valley 2

Now time to start making up some ground on the post landscape.  Starting on November 25, 2011 the Valley Railroad began running their popular – and often sold out – North Pole Express trains.  Because of their popularity, they had planned on running two steam-powered trains at the same time each night – one with […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  I know I have plenty to be thankful for – most of all my family.  And this year’s Thanksgiving is a bit more special – it’s also my daughter Katina’s 9th birthday! On the blog side of things – I know it’s been a while […]

Shoot it while it’s here 4

From time to time I’ll get people asking me why I shoot what they consider to be mundane photos.  By mundane, I mean trains that have run on the same schedule forever, or even pieces of railroad equipment that have been static for literally decades.  Well, in most cases, especially with regards to railroading subjects, […]

Essex and a Lumedyne 2

Well, now that I rebuilt my Lumedyne battery (not only rebuilt it, but also increased its capacity by 50% over the factory rating), I figured a full-scale test would be in order.  So I decided to head down to Essex, CT and shoot the Valley Railroad’s equipment after dark.  I also invited Nick Palazini to […]