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Trackside #161 – Pushin’ Hard

A few days late, but the newest Trackside with TRAINS is out.  This time around the subject is “Pushin’ Hard” and I selected a shot of Providence & Worcester train NR-2 from back in 2008.  That day, they had to stop at the Sub Base north gate to get permission through.  Once they got permission, […]

Trackside #160 – Trees

The newest edition of TRAINS magazine’s online contest – Trackside with TRAINS – is now live!  This edition’s theme was “trees” and I picked a shot of Providence & Worcester train NR-2 framed by the trees of Goss Cove in Groton, CT.  And for those of you who aren’t familiar with Goss Cove, the USS […]

Trackside with TRAINS vol. 156

The next edition of Trackside with TRAINS is up on the TRAINS magazine website!  This time around the subject was Close Clearance, and I submitted a shot of the Grafton & Upton RR switching out Washington Mills in North Grafton, MA, where the buildings are quite close to the tracks.  Voting is open until Sunday […]

Behind once again, but you can vote! 2

Yep, once again I’m running a bit behind on blog posts.  But trust me, I’ve been out there shooting, so you’re in for a flood of photos pretty soon – including plenty of Valley Railroad North Pole Express trains in the dark, a trip out to Thomaston, CT to ride the Railroad Museum of New […]

Trackside with #153

The next edition of Trackside with is up on the magazine’s website.  This time around the theme was “Industrial Scene” – something I don’t have much material on at this point.  So I dug through the archives and grabbed a shot of a loaded Johnson City bound coal train on the New England Central […]

Trackside with #151

OK folks, the latest edition of Trackside with is up on their site, and the subject this time around is something near and dear to my heart – NIGHT!  I submitted a shot from the CT Eastern RR Museum I took 4 years ago, and is probably my favorite night shot overall – this […]