Sunday daytime – Diesel & Grain Powered Horsepower

Sunday was an eventful day, photographically speaking.  So I’ll be dividing it up into two parts – day and night.  For the daytime, I had one chance encounter, and one planned.  The chance involved the New England Central Railroad, and the planned was up at my alma mater – the University of Connecticut.

Dad-Daughter day, part two

I took last Friday off, and decided to take my younger daughter Callie out again for a little railfanning and photography (see this post for our last outing shooting P&W NR-4X).  Since Katina was in school, Callie again got to use her camera while we were out.  We had a time constraint this time, though […]

The Lumedyne ain’t just for trains

I had to head up to the Hellenic Study Center at UConn in Storrs tonight to check out their computers for the Conficker worm before the trigger date tomorrow.  While I was up there, I figured I’d do a little night photography around the grounds, including the chapel and new Greek amphitheater that is currently […]