Foggy morning NR-2 and 608

On a foggy April 26th I got a call from a friend that Providence & Worcester train NR-2 was southbound out of Plainfield with a short train.  With a hole in my schedule, I figured it was worthwhile to head out and catch them at Stoddard Hill in Ledyard, CT.  As things unfolded, not only […]

January 2011 Recap

Holy crap does time fly when you’re doing nothing but shoveling snow.  Yep, we’ve been inundated with snow the past month or so here in the Northeast, and I have next to no photos to show for it!  But I did manage to get out a few times to shoot.  So instead of doing each one individually, […]

Morning and Evening NECR with FEC

Last week on the first of November I managed to catch New England Central train NERWNE (or #608 going by the old symbol) at a couple spots in southeastern Connecticut – first was with their usual freight in the late morning through Uncasville, and another with some ethanol in the evening light of Norwich bound […]

2011 Calendar – Steel Wheels & Submarines

It’s that time of year again – the 2011 calendar is ready!  This year’s calendar is titled “Steel Wheels and Submarines” and features 13 of my all color photos photos taken along the Thames River in southeastern Connecticut of the NECR, P&W, Amtrak and FEC (yes, I said FEC). I’m putting it out a bit earlier than I did […]

Fog, freight and empty moonshine jugs

Thursday the third of June started out with some pretty thick fog here in southeastern Connecticut.  And in that fog, a few trains rain – one regular job, and two extras.  As luck would have it, I managed to lens each of those – well, in one form or another.

Empty ethanol around the horn, along with the FRA, and FEC for flavor 2

Interesting day yesterday.  Things started out kinda ho-hum, and I figured that I wouldn’t get a chance to head out – had a bunch of stuff at work to do, and what really iced the decision was the fact that Providence & Worcester train NR-2 was coming out of Plainfield as light engines.  Oh, well, […]

Last week in pictures – NECR, PW, Amtrak & FEC day and night 5

So I managed to get out a few times last week – including one night jaunt shooting both the Providence & Worcester and New England Central (both sporting “foreign” power).  Other stuff from the week was the P&W and NECR in daylight – including an ethanol move, along with a couple Shore Line Amtrak runs.

A tale of two coves

Today things calmed down a bit, and I was able to head out for a nice walk, and of course I took advantage of the sunny skies and killed some pixels along the way.  The way things worked out, I was able to catch New England Central train NERWNE heading north through Montville, as well […]

Late + Early = On Time x 2

Yesterday I was running a little late in getting out of the house, so I didn’t get on the road at my usual time.  But like usual, I had my scanner on during the 40+ mile commute to the office.  That told me a couple things – first that New Engalnd Central train NERWNE (AKA […]

2 at once at Stoddard, and one in Willimantic

Took a vacation day from work today, so I’ve got a little time to catch up on some posts.  For this one I’ve got some stuff from Stoddard Cove and Willimantic from Tuesday.  I was able ot head out for a walk in the morning and catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 and New England […]