Virginia class

NR2 and a Sub Part

Another February post coming up.  For this one a part for a new Virginia class fast attack submarine was coming down on Providence & Worcester train NR-2.  In between a couple meetings, I was able to catch it coming south along the P&W’s Norwich Branch in Ledyard and Groton.  The shot in Groton provided a […]

Start of December Stuff

Next up is a chunk of photos from the first half of December, which include Amtrak, Providence & Worcester, ethanol, a Sperry Rail Car, a couple C-130s and a pair of fast attack submarines – a Virginia and Los Angeles class.  Nice variety for the first half of the month.  And like the previous post, […]

Steel Wheels and Submarines 4

Still playing catch-up, so here’s some stuff from last week.  Another busy week, so my ability to get out was limited.  Making the best of it, I headed up to the USS Nautilus Overlook Park in Groton a couple times, getting some shots of trains and submarines in the same frame.

Day and Night on the P&W and a Virginia 5

Well, I’ll be doing things a little out of order here.  I’ve got some shots from the last week or two that I need to process and get online, but in the meantime, I’ve got some stuff from yesterday that’s ready to go.  So that’s what you get to look at today…trust me, it’s worth […]

A Good Friday

A little play on words – it’s the Western Good Friday today, and I had a good Friday with the camera, bagging two trains and a Virginia class submarine returning to the Sub Base, all under crystal clear blue skies.

Two trains, two subs and an old sign

I never planned on heading out today, but when I looked outside this morning and saw sunshine and some blue sky, I had to take advantage of it.  As luck would have it, I caught a train and then a little bonus on the way back to the office.  Then on my way home this […]

NR-2 and the USS North Carolina

Monday I was able to head out and take advantage of some nice morning sunshine.  Not only was I able to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2, but I also photographed one of the newest US Navy Virginia class fast attack submarines – the USS North Carolina heading back to the Sub Base.

Oct 20th – P&W NR2, some railfans from CT & NJ and a Virgina class sub

Yeah, once again I’m a bit behind on postings.  Here’s some stuff from back on October 20th where I came across Providence & Worcester train NR-2, some railfans from New Jersey and Connecticut and a Virginia class fast attack submarine heading back to the US Navy Sub Base in Groton.

P&W NR2 and a Virginia class submarine

Continuing on the catching up tasks – here’s some stuff from October 17th.  I managed to catch not only Providence & Worcester train NR-2, but also a Virginia class fast attack submarine heading out to sea.