A couple stops in Yantic 1

OK, I know, I’m behind on my posts.  But I’m making it a point to catch up (thanks Rich!) and get up to date – trust me, the silence here doesn’t mean I haven’t been out shooting.  To the contrary, I’ve actually been able to get out a surprising number of times.  And to start […]

Two trains, two subs and an old sign

I never planned on heading out today, but when I looked outside this morning and saw sunshine and some blue sky, I had to take advantage of it.  As luck would have it, I caught a train and then a little bonus on the way back to the office.  Then on my way home this […]

NECR 610 in the morning 1

With the new schedule for the New England Central Railroad trains on the Palmer Subdivision south of Palmer, MA, getting a train working somewhere on the way into work has become more of a possibility. This morning, while heading into Franklin, CT, the scanner came alive with the conversation between the engineer and conductor on […]