The Photography of Thomas J. Nanos

01-20100224-1320706060-_MG_9301.jpgFinally! Notices of tree removal are stapled to a number of trees at the Nautilus Overlook Park in Groton112 views
02-20100224-1320706060-_MG_9305.jpgProvidence & Worcester train NR-2 appears from behind the US Navy Sub Force Museum in Groton, CT as a tug pulls a crane barge out of the Sub Base111 views
05-20100224-1320706060-_MG_9323.jpgNR-2, as light engines, passes by the USS Nautilus under cloudy, rainy skies107 views
07-20100224-420204365-_MG_4447.jpgA sub, tug and crane barge103 views
08-20100224-420204365-_MG_4453.jpgNR-2 waits patently at the signal north of the former New York, New Haven & Hartford SS-119, otherwise known as Groton Tower111 views
09-20100224-420204365-_MG_4461.jpgAfter getting the signal, NR-2 heads down the west leg of the Groton wye behind the former New Haven Groton tower109 views
12-20100224-1320706060-_MG_9334.jpgNR-2 heads down the west leg of the Groton wye past the old Groton tower104 views
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