The Photography of Thomas J. Nanos

02-20100812-420204365-_MG_1496-NS 32A-Bound Brook, NJ.jpg
02-20100812-420204365-_MG_1496-NS 32A-Bound Brook, NJ.jpgNS 32A lights up CP-BOUND BROOK100 views
03-20100812-1320706060-_MG_6350-NS 32A-Bound Brook, NJ.jpg
03-20100812-1320706060-_MG_6350-NS 32A-Bound Brook, NJ.jpgNS 32A lights up CP-BOUND BROOK103 views
04-20100812-420204365-_MG_1505-CSX-Bound Brook, NJ.jpg
04-20100812-420204365-_MG_1505-CSX-Bound Brook, NJ.jpgA westbound CSX rolls through Bound Brook, NJ105 views
05-20100812-420204365-_MG_1512-CSX-Bound Brook, NJ.jpg
05-20100812-420204365-_MG_1512-CSX-Bound Brook, NJ.jpgA Bound Brook railfan watches the CSX head west103 views
06-20100812-420204365-_MG_1525-CSX-Bound Brook, NJ.jpg
06-20100812-420204365-_MG_1525-CSX-Bound Brook, NJ.jpgA Bound Brook railfan films the westbound CSX train, as a NJ Transit westbound pulls out of the station101 views
01-20100812-420204365-_MG_1480-NJT-Bound Brook, NJ.jpg
01-20100812-420204365-_MG_1480-NJT-Bound Brook, NJ.jpgNJ Transit waits to head east out of Bound Brook in the rain103 views
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