The Photography of Thomas J. Nanos

20101006-420204365-_MG_8142.jpgA loaded NECR ethanol extra pauses north of Bridge Street in Willimantic before cutting off of their train, and getting 80 empty tank cars in Willimantic yard95 views
20101006-420204365-_MG_8156.jpgNECR NERWNE's power heads north of Bridge Street to grab the 40 loaded tanks of ethanol brough down from Palmer, MA as a pair of railfans watch104 views
20101006-420204365-_MG_8188.jpgSouthbound NECR loaded ethanol extra rolls into Willimantic yard102 views
20101006-420204365-_MG_8216.jpgThe northbound NECR empty ethanol extra heads north through the Eagleville section of Mansfield, CT (Lumedyne flash)117 views
20101006-420204365-_MG_8218.jpgAn albino tank car - the only white ethanol tank car in the entire 80 car unit train (Lumedyne flash)89 views
20101007-420204365-_MG_8224.jpgThe northbound NECR empty ethanol extra crosses over Merrow Road in the Merrow section of Mansfield, CT (Lumedyne flash)104 views
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